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      ALWAYS,EVERYWHER 世の中を動かす、中の?です。

      News/ Events

      Application Guide

      • Automotive Industrial Equipment

        Automotive Industrial Equipment

        The NOK Group's products are widely used in automobiles. We support safe, comfortable living through our highly functional, environmentally friendly products.

      • General Industrial Equipment

        General Industrial Equipment

        A variety of products created through NOK's core technologies are used in a wide range of fields, including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, housing equipment, plants and robots.

      • Information Electronic Equipment

        Information Electronic Equipment

        These products support convenient lifestyles through applications in a variety of electronic devices. These range from smartphones, which are now essential in our lives, to tablet devices, wearable devices, as well as next-generation automobiles.

      • Office Automation Equipment

        Office Automation Equipment

        Rollers are widely used around photoreceptors that determine the performance of copiers and for fixing parts that require high functionality and durability.

      NOK Group

        • SYNZTEC CO.,LTD.
        • NOK KLUEBER CO.,LTD.
        • UNIMATEC CO.,LTD.
        • Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership
        • Thai NOK Co., Ltd.
        • PT. NOK Indonesia
        • Vietnam NOK Co., Ltd.
        • Wuxi NOK-Freudenberg Oilseal Co., Ltd.
        • Changchun NOK-Freudenberg Oil seal Co., Ltd.
        • NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd.
        • NOK-Freudenberg Group Trading (China) Co., Ltd.
        • Freudenberg NOK Pvt., Ltd.
        • Pyung Hwa Oil Seal Industry Co., Ltd.
        • NOK Europa GmbH


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